Things to Consider When Buying OTF Knives

There’s no doubt about how handy and effective an OTF knife is. Whether you’re a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, or craftsman, the promptness and joy you get from an OTF knife are hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for an affordable every day knife or you’re in the market for a truly outstanding OTF example, there are a few things you should consider before buying.


With so many styles and uses, it may be difficult to choose the one that’s best for you and meets your budget. While researching your options, you will find that OTF knife is also sometimes referred to as an out-the-front knifetelescoping knifeangel blade, or sliding knife. You will also find different blade sizes, various edge types, and a wide range of prices. In the following text, we will briefly explain several important aspects to help you make a sensible purchase. Feel free to reach out to Denali Tactical Knives via email, Facebook, or Instagram for more information.  If you’re a knife lover, or on your way to becoming one, read on to learn which things to consider when buying OTF knives. 


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Purpose of the OTF knife


Before we go into more technical sides, you first need to think about the purpose of your knife. How you intend to use it will directly affect the choice. Will you carry it for self-defense, or it will be a utility blade? Will it be a part of your hunting gear, or it will ride along in your toolbox at work? Once you figure out the primary purpose of the OTF knife, you can move on to the next point.




Blade size


Although a blade size is a somewhat personal preference, there are some guidelines you can follow to find the right one. Generally, small blades are suitable for everyday carry and personal protection, while larger ones are better for outdoors or heavy-duty tasks. However, this rule should only serve as your starting point, because the best knife is the one that fits you. Grips that are too small can make it impossible to use if you have big hands, and a blade that’s too big may be uncomfortable to carry around. So the best thing to do is to visit your local shop and try different sizes to see what works for you. Also, do check your local laws and regulations, because some states have limits on blade sizes and lengths, and some prohibit some types of automatic knives.


Blade shape and edge type


Next things to consider when choosing an OTF knife are edge type and blade shape. You may want to go with a straight edge, partially serrated or fully serrated one, depending on the purpose. Some edges are more convenient for hunting or even cooking purposes (some will cut meat way better), while others will serve you better for general purposes. When it comes to blade shapes, you’ll be able to choose between spear point, clip point, drop point, or tanto. Deciding which one to get also depends on the purpose and preference − some are great all-around formats while others are better for specific purposes.




As with any other purchase, quality makes a difference when buying an OTF knife. You’ll be able to find plenty of budget-friendly knives made of basic materials. Even though they’re not exactly best constructed, their low price may justify this if you just need to get a knife quickly. On the other hand, a well-built handmade knife with a premium steel blade and milled aluminum chassis will give you a high-end piece that will last a long time. At Denali Tactical Knives, we combine craftsmanship and quality materials to build affordable OTF auto-knives for every day carry.


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Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying an OTF knife is action. You’ll have to choose between a single action and double action, and your decision also depends on how you plan to use it –do you want to open and close it with a single hand or not. The blade of a single action knife is deployed by pushing the button, and you must retract it manually. Nothing has to be done manually when you carry a double-action knife, as a thumb slide or lever allows you to deploy and retract the blade. D/A is generally easier to use and makes a better choice for one-handed operation. While you’re choosing between S/A and D/A, pay attention to how the knife sounds and feels, as better-made ones are usually much quieter and easier to operate than low-end OTF knives.




Last, but not least, the cost can be a determining factor when buying a knife. Custom-made and high-end knives will certainly perform better and look cooler, but they may set you off more than your budget allows. As with any product on the market, there are affordable options, and then there are some truly remarkable knives, like the one that John Wick uses in the second film of the series - Combat Troodon OTF. If that plain cool knife is just too expensive for you, the good news is that amazing OTFs are available at any price point. The best knife for you, eventually, is the one that your wallet allows. If the cost doesn’t concern you and you set high standards, rest assured that you’ll find a knife of the utmost quality with limitless offers in today’s knife market. 


Considering how long-lasting and useful a knife is, you won’t feel bad getting the one that carries a hefty price tag. But even if you’re looking for the best deal on OTF knives, you will still be able to find a great one. The best knife for you is the one that you can afford while it fits you and just makes you happy to have it. Denali Tactical Knives may be the right solution if you’re looking for an affordable well-built knife. All our tactical automatic knives are hand-built in Palmer, Alaska, and each one can be customized to fit you personally. You can choose from several models, blade styles, and handle colors to get exactly the model you have in mind.